About Us

John L. Freshour, LCPC


The Compass Counselors LTD was founded by John Freshour with the desire of meeting the needs of clients whom have experienced difficulties in their lives. John has been counseling individuals and leading small groups since 1995. He was called to attend Lincoln Christian Seminary, whereas he obtained his Masters in Counseling degree. After a career in the social work arena and acquiring his Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor certificate from the state, he elected to go into private practice. John is a problem solver, highly intuitive, and is honored to walk with people in times of distress. Utilizing a Christian worldview, John draws from his professional education, training, past experience, while using compassion and empathy to deliver hope and guidance to his clients.

Karli Johnson, MS, ATR

Art Therapist

I have ten years of experience helping others address emotional needs including grief and loss, attachment issues, depression, anxiety, disruptive mood disorders, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, PTSD and other trauma related disorders. Furthermore, I have found art therapy to be a vehicle for connecting with self and others to bring social change. As a credentialed Art Therapist (ATR), I have the knowledge and experience needed to address emotional needs through art making. Not only does art empower self-expression, it also helps us regulate our bodies and minds. In session, we can explore a variety of therapeutic techniques that will empower your healing.